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Find new funding sources to help you pay for retrofit.

Billions in retrofit funding is available, right now, but huge complexity means it's difficult and time consuming to check eligibility, let alone obtain any money. Our assessment service simplifies the process for you, delivering a view on what funding could be available for your properties.


Affordability of Retrofit

Retrofit Challenges

You’re under pressure to retrofit your properties but the work is expensive and you don’t have the money to do it. To make matters worse, funding is complex and hard to find and a mis-step can compromise eligibility from all funding sources meaning on-going affordability issues, less retrofit gets done and contract holders miss out on the benefits of energy efficiency measures being implemented in their homes.

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Helping You Optimise Retrofit Funding

How We Optimise Retrofit Funding

To help you navigate this, help you minimise the risk of eligibility issues and help you maximise your retrofit funding, our Retrofit Pre-funding Assessment is a quick, formal review, built into our funding optimisation process and is designed as the perfect first step of your retrofit journey; before doing anything else, let us assess your properties and work out the most effective plan for maximising the funding you could get from various sources on a property by property basis. Doing this as a first step in the retrofit process will help form a deliberate plan focused on maximising the funding you can get. Our assessment will help you:

  • Understand what retrofit funding is available today. We work closely with funders and have funding sources ready to deploy funds into retrofit projects today

  • Work out which properties may qualify for retrofit funding from sources you’ve not yet considered

  • Find out what energy efficiency measures could be installed in your properties

  • Plan effectively to help ensure you don’t take any wrong turns with accepting retrofit funding that could compromise what additional funding you could claim


We’re in the business of helping our clients maximise the amount of retrofit funding they can claim. This service will assess your properties to establish which could be eligible for funding from various sources. We'll present a report to you to include a property-by-property assessment of funding eligibility, highlight the potential funding amounts, provide consideration of the process you'll need to follow to optimise your funding and provide you with next steps to potentially achieving that.

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Who This Service Is For

For housing associations, local authorities, housing trusts and estate owners in the process of or planning retrofit projects, our Retrofit Pre-funding Assessment is an essential consideration. We'll help you understand the art of the possible when it comes to your approach to applying for funding and also the amount you can claim.

It's especially relevant for organisations in receipt of ORP funding where careful planning could now help find complementary funding to work alongside your ORP money.

We'll help you move forward with retrofit with your eyes open so you don't leave free money on the table.

How It Works

What To Expect From Our Retrofit Pre-funding Assessment

This quick review could be your first step to becoming well funded and being in a position of strength to roll out your retrofit programme, on your terms.

How the service works
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