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We help businesses to benefit from renewable energy with various funding options including with no upfront costs, outright purchase and asset leasing meaning cheaper electricity is within your reach, whatever your circumstances or objectives. We provide an end to end, "done for you" packaged service that starts with a free consultation, site survey and quotation, arrangement of funding, system design, installation, maintenance and support. 

How we help

Engineer installing solar panels on a commercial roof
Solar panels on an industrial building roof

Commercial Solar PV

Reduce energy costs with solar PV for business

Commercial solar PV financing solutions provide cut price renewable energy for businesses of any size from as little as no upfront cost.

Close up of solar PV panele

Flexible funding options for affordable solar PV

Power Purchase Agreement

We cover the full cost of installing solar PV on your roof and enter into a contract with you that guarantees you buy the power generated at a price significantly lower than your current commercial electricity provider, enabling huge savings from day one.

  • Zero upfront costs

  • Cut price power at a guaranteed price

  • Mitigate against energy price inflation with fixed low prices

  • System maintenance and insurance included

  • Enhance green credentials with your own clean renewable power

Illustration of a power purchase agreement

Who we help

Solar panels on a large industrial unit


We help a wide range of businesses save money on their energy costs and enhance their green credentials.

A block of appartments

Social Housing

Our innovative funding solutions are helping the social housing sector step up its decarbonisation agenda.

The entrance to a council office building

Local Authorities

Funding options designed for local authorities open up the prospect of large scale solar projects.

Our partners

We're proud to work with selected partners to bring you market leading terms and funding options along with best in class installation and maintenance, ensuring the process for you to get an affordable and efficient renewable energy solution is smooth and easy from end to end.

Logo of Madola Energy

Outright Purchase

The easiest and cheapest way to benefit from free renewable power. You cover the full upfront cost of installing your solar PV system, benefiting to the fullest extent from free power generated. Commercial PV generates reliable returns over the lifetime of the system.

  • Free renewable power from day one

  • Fast payback period and return on investment

  • Mitigate against rising energy prices

  • No ongoing costs of procuring 

  • Enhance green credentials with your own clean renewable power

Cash Positive Asset Lease

Negating the need for full upfront investment, we structure asset financing to ensure your repayments are less than the savings on your electricity costs. You'll then benefit from free renewable electricity after the finance is repaid, for the rest of the lifetime of your system.

  • Zero or minimal upfront costs

  • Cash positive from day one: your electricity saving will exceed the cost of the asset finance

  • Mitigate against future price rises by generating your own free renewable electricity

  • Enhance green credentials with your own clean renewable power

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