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Get Free Funding To Implement Energy Efficiency Measures In Your Rental Properties

Millions of pounds of funding is available, right now, to help pay for energy efficiency measures for homes that will help reduce energy costs, make homes warmer, do your bit for the environment and make your rentals more desirable to tenants. We'll help you get it.

What We Do For Private Landlords

A central heating thermostat to help tenants reduce their electricity consumption


We're experts in helping private landlords find funding or financial support that could contribute to, or pay outright, the cost of implementing energy efficiency measures in their rental properties. You'll know doubt recognise that we've all got our part to play to help address the climate emergency by reducing our carbon footprints. Housing is the second biggest contributor of carbon emissions in our society so widespread implementation of energy reduction measures is a no brainer.

A radiator


Affordability of all this though is a worry. The good news as far as affordability is concerned is that there is funding available, today, to help pay for energy efficiency measures that will make homes warmer, make energy bills more cost effective and help you do your bit for the environment.


We're specialists in finding the best sources of funding for energy efficiency projects for homes. Unlike other companies that specialise in one type of funding or another, we don't limit ourselves and so can often provide more funding for our customers, meaning it could be possible for the eco measures implemented to be fitted at no cost to you or at worst you could get a significant contribution towards the overall cost of the work, all of course, subject to eligibility and scheme rules.


We don't get involved in any building work ourselves, a building contractor of your choice will need to be appointed to do the work. You can rest easy that the quality of the work will be assured as all contractors doing this type of work have to be accredited by TrustMark which is a government endorsed quality scheme for work done in and around the home.

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The Benefits Of Considering Green Measures For Your Rentals

With the United Kingdom having declared a climate emergency, we now all have a part to play in moving towards a net zero future and installing energy efficiency measures is a win-win. Here are some of the benefits of doing this for your rental properties:

  1. Funding is available to either pay for or make a sizable contribution to the cost of the work

  2. Make your properties more attractive to prospective tenants

  3. Warmer homes for your tenants

  4. Environmental benefits

  5. Happier tenants

  6. Helps tenants with fuel bills: measures such as insulation and central heating controls help them use less energy whilst solar PV panels will enable them to generate their own energy

  7. Deliver social value to your tenants

Cavity wall insulation

Optify was set up to ensure more funding for energy efficiency measures gets into the right hands. We're passionate about supporting the decarbonisation agenda and have made it our mission to help landlords, individuals and businesses to do their bit to tackle the climate crisis which also helps more people out of fuel poverty, more people have warmer, healthier homes and more people save money on energy costs.

Integrity and trust is important to us. From day one, we committed to donating a percentage of our net profit back into funding further research into decarbonisation and energy efficiency

A Flavour Of What We're Like

Who We Are And Why Trust Us

A wind turbine generating green energy

Here's what the end to end process looks like for obtaining funding and getting energy efficiency measures installed:

  1. Contact us using the button below and we'll get back in touch with you to obtain information we need to assess your eligibility. We'll need information about your property and you/ your tenants

  2. We check all the details you've provided against the funding eligibility rules. Not everyone and not every home will qualify. You can read our FAQ for private landlords here for more details on eligibility or get in touch to learn more

  3. If you're eligible for funding, we'll provide you with details of a retrofit assessor who is qualified to assess what eco measures a home needs and what benefits each measure will deliver for your property. You'll contact the assessor and arrange a date and time for them to visit you to undertake their home survey. The small charge for undertaking this survey is paid by you directly to the assessor

  4. Once the retrofit assessor has conducted their survey, they'll provide a report that documents whether work is feasible and will save enough energy to make it viable. Where eco measures have been recommended by the assessor, the report will show the work that a building contractor can undertake using the funding we'll provide

  5. Arrange for the work to be done with a building contractor. The building contractor will have to be PAS and TrustMark accredited so they will know the standards that the work must be done to

  6. Once the work is complete, the building contractor will need to submit evidence the work has been done to the required standard and assuming everything is in order, the contractor gets paid from the funding we found

How To Take The First Step To Greener Rental Properties

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