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Without detailed knowledge of the multiple sources of decarbonisation funding and without understanding complexities around eligibility, you’re likely leaving money on the table. Our funding optimisation service gets you access to the funding sources, maximises how much you can claim, deals with all the complexity on your behalf and manages the risk of non compliant claims.

What We Do

Funding Optimisation Managed Service

The sun shining on solar PV panels to generate sustainable green electricity


Retrofit Funding Optimisation

Retrofit is expensive and more funding is needed. Using our sector experience and market knowledge, and by taking a holistic view of the funding market and joining the dots, we help our clients to claim more funding than they would with siloed thinking.

There is billions of pounds of funding already available for tacking housing decarbonisation but there is still a funding shortfall. We're developing a funding mechanism that rewards you for implementing decarbonisation measures. Our mechanism is designed to deliver financial return for implementing green measures, is intrinsically linked to the concept of delivering social value and it helps deliver the benefits of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015) in Wales.

What We Do

Delivering Innovative New Additional Retrofit Funding

Programming the central heating controls to save energy


Delivering Additional Retrofit Funding

COMING SOON: A unique and innovative new funding mechanism that will pay you to implement measures that will contribute towards net zero.

We've a flexible approach to working with clients so if our managed funding service isn't for you, we can still help you with ad-hoc or planned advice on your retrofit strategy and operational plan.

What We Do

Retrofit Advice And Consultancy

Houses im need of insulation to keep them warm


Retrofit Advice and Consultancy

Flexible and pre-packaged consulting services for clients about to or already embarking on a retrofit journey. Useful as a precursor to  our managed funding service and for clients that need ad-hoc or planned advice on their retrofit strategy and operational plan.

Our Services

Building contractors planning a retrofit project

Passionate about accelerating progress towards net zero, our services are focused on solving problems around getting the right amount of funding for retrofit into the right hands, at the right time.

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