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What Makes Us Different

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

We believe in business being a force for good. As well as our own commercial success, we care deeply about helping to accelerate progress towards net zero, conducting research into groundbreaking new decarbonisation innovation and developing carbon literacy skills in Wales for a prosperous future Welsh economy.

Trees that have been planted to absorb co2

Doing The Right Things

Analysing some performance results on a dashboard


Giving back

We've written into our constitution that a percentage of our net profits will be reserved for giving back into causes of our choice related to progressing decarbonisation. We'll support such things as new academic research into decarbonisation related subjects and third sector work into realising decarbonisation targets. We welcome enquiries from academia and elsewhere about available funding for undertaking decarbonisation related research. Get in touch here and tell us your thesis and we'll let you know if it's something we'd potentially support and what support we have available.

Academic research


Partnerships with academia

Since day one, we've worked with local universities for mutual benefit. We believe in the power of adding formal academic capability to commercial innovation and reaping the benefits for the good of the industry whilst supporting the research and educational objectives of our local academic institutions. We'll post any relevant news on work we're doing in this area in our media centre.

Developing a brownfield site


Business as a force for good

Our purpose is to help accelerate decarbonisation of homes and businesses, contributing towards our net zero future. It's not just achieving this that's important to us, how we execute it is just as important. We want to deliver social value to citizens as part of the work we do and relate a lot of what we do to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015) in Wales. In aspiring to contribute to the future net zero economy, we're investing in developing the next generation of knowledge and skills that will be needed with equitable carbon literacy at it's heart.

Generating clean energy with a hydro power installation


Skills development for Wales

With a drive to net zero comes changes to how we live and work. How we deal with this will become important in relation to developing enough of the right skills to foster future innovation in the sector, develop progressive technology, update buildings with carbon reduction measures and how we fund them and so will doing it all in a fair and just way to provide equal opportunity for all. We recognise the importance of developing carbon literacy at all levels and how doing this will benefit the net zero economy so we're focused on creating these skills now.

Presenting to industry partners


Industry partnerships

With vast experience in housing and the green sector, we're well connected with many industry leaders so perfectly placed to join all the dots together in relation to retrofit funding and projects. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to initiating then planning and executing a retrofit project. Having a partner that brings in specialists to help you seamlessly execute your projects whilst we maintain our independence and impartiality is an important point that results in successful projects with complete transparency and control over your capital investment, and your grant funding.

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