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Solar PV on a communal block of flats

Our flexible financing options are helping housing associations benefit from solar at scale with little or no upfront costs involved.

SECTOR FOCUS: Off Balance Sheet Solar PV for Social Housing

Funding Solutions To Accelerate Solar PV Adoption

Accelerating adoption of solar PV in social housing

The benefits case for solar PV is strong yet grant funding for social housing adoption is limited and the capital cost of installation at scale is prohibitive. Our work to help the housing sector decarbonise with optimised funding solutions includes provision of private sector financing solutions that can be used to pay for large or small scale PV implementation. We provide an end to end packaged service that deals with everything from initial quote, system design and installation and arrangement of flexible and affordable funding options, putting solar PV easily in reach for housing associations with little to no upfront capital required. With our "done for you" service, we make solar PV adoption straightforward, pain free and affordable.

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We make it easy

We'll make your options very clear for you to make an informed choice about what's right for you and your business. If you decide to go ahead, we'll take care of everything all the way up to hand over of your renewable energy system.

Minimising capex

Capex budgets only go so far and innovative funding ideas are needed for retrofit to be done at scale, including widespread adoption of solar PV. We've developed flexible funding options so you don't need to invest your capital upfront, instead paying for it from the savings made on energy bills.

Benefits for all

With energy prices as high as they are and the cost of installing solar lower than ever, there has never been a better time to invest in solar with payback time as low as only 5 years. Use cases we can fund can provide benefits in residential and corporate buildings as well as land holdings across your estate. 

An engineer installing solar PV panels
A close up of installed solar PV panels

Use cases for funding solutions for solar PV for social housing

Benefits of our solutions


Tenant Energy Costs

Potential for free or vastly reduced power for tenants from day one

Mitigate Rising Prices

Future energy prices are uncertain. Generating your own power provides certainty over future costs

Corporate Energy Costs

Reduce spending on corporate energy bills with free or vastly reduced energy

Long Service Life

With minimal maintenance and a long lifespan, your solar system will deliver returns for years to come

No Disruption

You needn’t worry about your business being disrupted, installation will be worry free

Carbon Balancing

Leveraging solar across your entire estate will contribute significantly towards moving towards net zero

Multiple Use Cases

We have solar solutions for various scenarios and building types for social landlords

Flexible Funding Options

With various ways to pay, you get all the benefits with little or no upfront capital

Improve SAP Ratings

Solar PV can be a significant contributor towards EPC ratings increases required for retrofit


Corporate buildings including office accommodation, ancillary buildings and DLO depots provide an opportunity for housing associations to benefit directly from energy bill savings from solar PV.

Benefits of our solutions
Omage Solar PV panels on a depot



Our solar PV solutions are designed by our premium solar installation specialists specifically for you and your requirements ensuring your system delivers the optimum amount of renewable power, short payback periods with little to no upfront investment.


Benefits of our solutions
Solar panels on a sheltered housing scheme




Our flexible financing options provide multiple ways to get solar installed with little to no upfront cost, whilst reducing energy costs for tenants and delivering SAP point uplift for each property.

A roof ready to have solar panels installed on it

Flexible funding options for social housing solar PV

With flexible ways to fund solar PV systems, there's a solution to suit all objectives, circumstances, use cases and risk appetites. Ask us for an illustration for any of the use cases shown above and we'll not only show you how much you can save, we'll demonstrate what each of the funding options looks like for you, based on actual energy demands and current energy costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What funding options can you offer?

We have various financing options available for social housing clients, the suitability of which may depend on the project type, the project size and various other factors. The common theme across all our solutions is that they enable clients to accelerate decarbonisation progress with little to no upfront capital being required. Arrange a call with us here to find out more.

What's your role on bringing funding solutions forward for solar PV adoption?

Just like our work with helping social housing providers optimise available grant funding, we provide a "done for you" service where we help you end to end in your journey towards solar PV adoption. We will arrange a site survey of any buildings you are interested in scoping which will lead to a high level design being created for a proposed solar solution. Once this is done, we'll put together the funding options possible for the project based on the high level design and send a comprehensive illustration to you for consideration. If you then decide to proceed, our premier installation partner will make all the necessary arrangements and get relevant approvals whilst the funding is put in place before the system is then installed. 

Power Purchase Agreement

We cover the full cost of installing solar PV on your roof and enter into a contract with you that guarantees you buy the power generated at a price significantly lower than your current commercial electricity provider, enabling huge savings from day one.

  • Zero upfront costs

  • Cut price power at a guaranteed price

  • Mitigate against energy price inflation with fixed low prices

  • System maintenance and insurance included

  • Enhance green credentials with your own clean renewable power

Negating the need for full upfront investment, we structure asset financing to ensure your repayments are less than the savings on your electricity costs. You'll then benefit from free renewable electricity after the finance is repaid, for the rest of the lifetime of your system.

  • Zero or minimal upfront costs

  • Cash positive from day one: your electricity saving will exceed the cost of the asset finance

  • Mitigate against future price rises by generating your own free renewable electricity

  • Enhance green credentials with your own clean renewable power

Cash Positive Asset Lease

Our partners

We're proud to work with selected partners to bring you market leading terms and funding options along with best in class installation and maintenance, ensuring the process for you to get an affordable and efficient renewable energy solution is smooth and easy from end to end.

Logo of our partner Madola Energy

Outright Purchase

The easiest and cheapest way to benefit from free renewable power. You cover the full upfront cost of installing your solar PV system, benefiting to the fullest extent from free power generated. Commercial PV generates reliable returns over the lifetime of the system.

  • Free renewable power from day one

  • Fast payback period and return on investment

  • Mitigate against rising energy prices

  • No ongoing costs of procuring 

  • Enhance green credentials with your own clean renewable power

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