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We help care homes like yours save vast sums on energy bills with commercial solar solutions with no net upfront costs involved.

SECTOR FOCUS: Commercial Solar PV for Care Homes

Enable Energy Cost Savings With Solar For No Upfront Cost

When care homes like yours go solar, they save vast sums of money on energy bills for the long term. The high upfront cost of these projects though is often unaffordable, so we help clients in the care home sector find ways to install solar with no upfront investment required. We have various ways of enabling your solar system to be paid for out of the savings made on energy bills. We provide an end to end packaged service that deals with everything from initial quote, system design and installation plus arrangement of flexible and affordable funding options, putting commercial solar systems easily in reach for care homes like yours. With our "done for you" service, we make the process straightforward and pain free, delivering a business solar system that provides clean renewable power and saves you money. In fact, our systems pay for themselves quicker than you'd think, making investing in solar for your business a real no brainer.

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It's affordable

You can if you wish purchase your system outright, but with flexible funding options, you don't need to invest your capital upfront, instead paying for it out of the savings you make on your energy bills.

It's easy

We'll make your options very clear for you to make an informed choice about what's right for you and your business. If you decide to go ahead, we'll take care of everything all the way up to hand over of your renewable energy system.

It's a no brainer

The benefits case that solar PV delivers is unparalleled. Our model which enables installation with no upfront investment leaves no good reason not to proceed, unlocking the opportunity to reduce operating costs for all.

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Installing solar panels

Benefits of installing solar for your business

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Reduced Energy Costs

Clean, free or vastly reduced power is yours from day one after your system is commissioned

Mitigate Rising Prices

Future energy prices are uncertain. Generating your own power provides certainty over future costs

Flexible Funding Options

With various ways to pay, you get all the benefits with no net upfront cost

Long Service Life

With minimal maintenance and a long lifespan, your solar system will deliver returns for years to come

No Disruption

You needn’t worry about your business being disrupted, installation will be worry free


50% of consumers say that companies that have sustainability at heart are more trusted than others

No Upfront Investment

Financing can be structured so that the entire cost of the install is covered with finance

Off Balance Sheet

The cost of the install is covered by finance so won't hit you in the pocket or in your accounts

Improved Cashflow

Money saved on your energy costs will improve your cash flow and bottom line


Our solar PV solutions are designed by our premium solar installation specialists specifically for you and your requirements ensuring your system delivers the optimum amount of renewable power, short payback periods with little to no upfront investment.

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Ways to pay for commercial solar PV for your business

With flexible ways to fund your commercial solar system, there's a solution for everyone regardless of your objectives, circumstances and risk appetite. Ask us for a personalised illustration for your business and we'll not only show you how much you can save, we'll demonstrate what each of the funding options looks like for you, based on your own energy demands and current energy costs. 

We cover the full cost of installing solar PV on your roof and enter into a contract with you that guarantees you buy the power generated at a price significantly lower than your current commercial electricity provider, enabling huge savings from day one.

  • Zero upfront costs

  • Cut price power at a guaranteed price

  • Mitigate against energy price inflation with fixed low prices

  • System maintenance and insurance included

  • Enhance green credentials with your own clean renewable power

Power Purchase Agreement

Cash Positive Asset Finance

Negating the need for full upfront investment, we structure asset financing to ensure your repayments are less than the savings on your electricity costs. You'll then benefit from free renewable electricity after the finance is repaid, for the rest of the lifetime of your system.

  • Zero or minimal upfront costs

  • Cash positive from day one: your electricity saving will exceed the cost of the asset finance

  • Mitigate against future price rises by generating your own free renewable electricity

  • Enhance green credentials with your own clean renewable power

Outright Purchase

The easiest and cheapest way to benefit from free renewable power. You cover the full upfront cost of installing your solar PV system, benefiting to the fullest extent from free power generated. Commercial PV generates reliable returns over the lifetime of the system.

  • Free renewable power from day one

  • Fast payback period and return on investment

  • Mitigate against rising energy prices

  • No ongoing costs of procuring 

  • Enhance green credentials with your own clean renewable power

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is fully funded solar so well suited to care homes?

Care homes are typically high electricity consumption businesses which means the potential benefit from solar is great; the higher the consumption, the greater the benefit could be over the lifetime of a solar system. We understand that the care home sector is under pressure from rising operational costs and that outright capital purchase of solar installations can be un-affordable so our flexible funding solutions can be an enabler by removing the biggest barrier to getting a project done. Our full range of financing options means there should be a funding option for you, regardless of the size of your building, get in touch to find out more.

Will solar panels benefit me and my business?

If you have a roof that's suitable for a solar PV array and you use power in the business then the benefits case for solar is likely to be strong. Our solutions are designed specifically for each customer and so the installation would be optimised to give you the fullest possible benefit and highest return on investment possible. See the full benefits of commercial solar here.

How much will I save?

Every building and business will be different; your roof size, energy consumption and the price you currently pay for power will all influence how much you could save. Request a free personalised quote to see how much you'd save and how quickly you'd pay off a solar system of your own.

I don't use that much power, is it worth considering solar for my business?

As your system is designed specifically for you, even if your power consumption is lower than average, you'll still save and your pay back time will still be attractive as your system would be sized according to your needs meaning that if you are a below average user of electricity your system will be cheaper to pay off. To find out what's possible for your business, get in touch with us here to get a free personalised quote.

How does financing solar panels work?

There are big similarities between getting solar panels on finance and getting say a car on finance with one huge difference; taking out finance to get solar panels effectively is an enabler to you saving money on your energy bills. It's a classic case of "speculate to accumulate". When customers ask us to arrange funding for them to invest in solar, we structure it so that the customer is "cash positive", in other words they can pay the cost of the financing out of the savings they make from generating free electricity plus achieve a small overall saving. When the finance has been paid off, that's when you feel the full benefit with significant savings on your electricity costs going directly on your bottom line, for the rest of the lifetime of your solar system.

How do you help?

We're here to make it easy for more businesses to adopt solar and save money on their energy bills. We will therefore help you all the way through the process with finding the optimal funding package that suits your needs and through our premier installation partner, we'll arrange for your system to be designed for optimal performance, arrange all necessary approvals and consents and then for non intrusive installation and handover. There are no hidden fees for any of this and all you pay is what you're quoted for the system.

Our mission is to help make more decarbonisation projects happen by making projects more affordable.

The single biggest barrier to getting these expensive projects done is the upfront cost so we help you find ways to get projects like solar PV implemented without having to find significant amounts of money upfront.

Our role is to ensure everything is optimised to your parameters therefore ensuring the project serves your interests alone. By creating a high-level system design, tailored to your site and energy consumption enables us to work out the optimal financing models that will deliver the best return on investment and highest overall savings over the lifetime of your system.

We work with premium installation partners and finance providers to ensure that everything on your project is in the very best hands.

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Finance approach

Once we know what the potential design of a solar system looks like for you and what the associated costs would be, we go to the funding market to determine what the optimal funding approach looks like for your project. We'll illustrate for you each of the viable funding options so you can see the potential savings that could be made with each. These illustrations will show you the art of the possible with using finance to go solar for no upfront investment.

Design approach

The logical place to start is to illustrate for you how much you could potentially save with a solar system. Our design team will conduct a desktop exercise to assess solar potential of your roof space and likely generation output. From there we can forecast the likely savings over the lifetime of the system. As the design team works under our direction, you can be assured that they will produce a design that is focused on delivering the perfect balance between size of system and return on investment, providing you with the maximum potential savings.

Fine tuning approach

The illustrations we provide you are intended as a conversation starter, for you to feed back to us what you like and what you don't and to get you thinking about what your objectives are when financing a project like this. With feedback on these matters, we can then fine tune the finance options to put something in front of you that fully meets your requirements and expectations. Once you're happy with everything, we'll co-ordinate next steps with our installer, to finalise system design and begin the process of gaining the necessary approvals to begin and also with the funding providers to get the finance in place ready to proceed.

Our partners

We're proud to work with selected partners to bring you market leading terms and funding options along with best in class installation and maintenance, ensuring the process for you to get an affordable and efficient renewable energy solution is smooth and easy from end to end.

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