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A New Mechanism To Help Fund Your Decarbonisation Obligations

Planet Earth

Our new innovative service, coming soon, will enable you to receive additional funding when you install energy efficiency measures that result in carbon savings.


There is billions of pounds of funding already available for tacking housing decarbonisation but there is still a funding shortfall. We're developing a funding mechanism that rewards you for implementing decarbonisation measures. Our mechanism is designed to deliver financial return for implementing green measures, is intrinsically linked to the concept of delivering social value and it helps deliver the benefits of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015) in Wales.

What We Do

Delivering Innovative New Additional Retrofit Funding


Delivering Additional Retrofit Funding

COMING SOON: A unique and innovative new funding mechanism that will pay you to implement measures that will contribute towards net zero.

Turning the heating down to save money


Delivering Additional Retrofit Funding

UK Central government and the UK's devolved governments recognise the huge challenges associated with our societal drive to net zero. The challenges are many: the logistics of so much building work to reduce carbon emissions is a headache, there are skills gaps, there is huge complexity and critically, the cost of moving to net zero will be many, many billions of pounds.

Wind turbines in a remote area


Delivering Additional Retrofit Funding

Government have therefore called on the private sector to help address this challenge with innovative solutions to achieving all this and being able to pay for it.

We're answering this call by putting together a brand new and unique funding approach with our partners in academia that we believe will be a world first.

Cavity wall insulation
Adjusting the controls of a heat pump


Delivering Additional Retrofit Funding

If you're responsible for social use buildings in Wales, are a social landlord in Wales, a private landlord in Wales or home owner in Wales, click below to register your interest and we'll be in touch as soon as we have more news about this exciting new approach to helping to pay for net zero.

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