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We find you grant funding to help you pay for retrofit.

Millions of pounds in retrofit grant funding is available to social housing providers. Our property appraisal service identifies how much grant funding potential there could be in each of your properties helping you to leverage retrofit grants to the fullest extent possible making retrofit more affordable for you.


Illustrating The Value of Optify Property Funding Appraisals

Case Studies


Our housing association client asked us to assess 168 properties for grant funding potential. Whilst not that many properties qualified for the most straightforward optimal funding, our detailed modelling identified three possible scenarios where some properties could be eligible for grants. A total £662,000 of potential funding was identified from ECO4 and GBIS. With limited opportunities to leverage ECO4 for this client, GBIS became an important source of funding. That said, by modelling different scenarios, we were able to identify that up to £363,000 of ECO4 funding could be achievable for properties that needed boiler upgrades if the housing association chooses to switch to a renewable heat source instead of a fossil fuel boiler. That option won't work for all properties and may not be a direction all housing associations wish to go in but by modelling these potential outcomes enables you to see the art of the possible with the sources of grant funding available.


Our funding appraisal is all about finding the best funding approach for properties to make retrofitting them more affordable. The appraisal for this client was able to identify their most fundable properties on the basis of which properties would attract the highest level of grant funding. We were also able to identify the properties which would not qualify for funding which allowed the client to make firm decisions about where their retrofit budget should be spent. We also found funding potential in some properties which our funding partners could confirm wouldn't be a priority for them to fund in the foreseeable future so were able to advise the client accordingly. In total, we were able to identify four scenarios where grant funding could potentially be secured, totaling £374,000.

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How it Works

How We Help Make Retrofit More Affordable

Helping to make your retrofit projects more affordable, our Retrofit Grant Funding appraisal is a quick, cost effective formal review of how much grant funding potential there is in your properties. It's the perfect first step of your retrofit journey; before doing anything else, let us assess your properties and work out the most effective plan for maximising the funding you could get from various sources. Doing this as a first step will directly help you make retrofit more affordable and get more of it done. Our appraisal will help you:

  • Understand what retrofit grant funding is available today.

  • Work out which properties may qualify for retrofit funding from sources you’ve not yet considered.

  • Find out what energy efficiency measures could be funded for your properties.

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It's quick

Send us a list of the properties you want appraised. We just need basic details such as the address, heating type and if you have it, details of energy efficiency upgrades since the last EPC. We'll appraise them based on the latest EPC and identify which properties could qualify for grant funding.

It's cost effective

Our appraisals are designed to be easy to procure so should be within procurement limits. After reviewing the output from our appraisal, should you commission us to obtain grant funding for you, our fees for doing so are deducted from the grants we secure for you so you can be assured that working with Optify will remain affordable.

Valuable funding feedback

We provide you with a detailed report of which properties are fundable based on current grant scheme rules and eligibility criteria. We assess all the various sources of funding and identify the source that will provide the optimal outcome for you and provide indicative potential funding amounts.

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Who This Service Is For

For housing associations, local authorities, housing trusts and estate owners in the process of or planning retrofit projects, our retrofit funding appraisal is an essential consideration. We'll help you understand the art of the possible when it comes to your approach to applying for funding and also the amount you can claim.

It's especially relevant for organisations in receipt of other funding where careful planning could now help find complementary funding to work alongside your existing money.

We'll help you move forward with retrofit with your eyes open so you don't leave free money on the table.

How It Works

What To Expect From Our Retrofit Funding Appraisal

This quick review could be your first step to becoming well funded and being in a position of strength to roll out your retrofit programme, on your terms.

How the service works
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