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Press Release: Optify announces launch of new company to help clients maximise the amount of funding they can claim to install eco measures in their homes.

Optify's head office is in Newport, South Wales and will deliver services to the housing sector in Wales and throughout the United Kingdom. Passionate about making a difference, we're committed to giving back and helping fund continued research into decarbonisation related subjects so will be making a proportion of our net profit available to our academic partners for such research.

The company's website is

Published: 06 September 2023

Extensive research into problems faced by stakeholders in the housing sector around affordability of retrofit led us to launch the offering we bring to market today. A perfect storm exists where retrofit is unaffordable as it stands today whilst complexity around funding is high and knowledge of how to navigate it is low. We bring our experience in housing, energy efficiency and compliance and regulation to deliver a solution that aims to solve these market problems and therefore help deliver more funding to pay for retrofit.

According to Optify's other founder, Gary Carter, the company has launched at the perfect time to support the drive to net zero: "As retrofit begins to ramp up and with the cost likely to be in the hundreds of billions of pounds, the importance of making it more affordable can't be overstated. Funding these projects is complex so the sector needs support from a specialist just like Optify to make sustained progress against the retrofit plan that's needed in order to get on track and hit net zero targets".

Monmouthshire, 06 September 2023

Today see's the launch of a new company incorporated in Wales that aims to help put more funding for installing energy efficiency measures into the hands of those that need it.

Optify will provide services to housing associations and local authorities, private landlords, homeowners and building contractors and will help clients plan small and large scale energy efficiency projects ("retrofit projects") and deliver funding to these projects that will pay for the measures either in full or in part. There are several government backed sources of retrofit funding. Optify will, for the first time, offer a whole of market approach to retrofit funding for our clients so they can get optimised funding settlements for their projects, making them more affordable, enabling more projects to be done and for the retrofit revolution to gather pace, helping in our drive to net zero.

Founder Nathan Gould explains: "Retrofit funding is extremely complex and historically, it's been very difficult for the housing sector to claim funding for all the retrofit work they do. Sometimes this is due to process, sometimes due to complexity. That's meant vast sums of funding has gone unclaimed over the last 7 years or so. Optify will help clients get more of the money that's available today for retrofit meaning more retrofit can get done, sooner".

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