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Millions of pounds of funding is available, right now, to pay for retrofit work that you could be doing for clients but it’s complex, painful and time consuming to get your hands on it. The complexity means projects get delayed or even cancelled. Having specialist knowledge to navigate this can mean more funding is available so more retrofit work can get done. Partner with us to secure retrofit funding; we’ll maximise what you can get, take the pain of applying so you don’t have to whilst you focus on what you’re good at – delivering building work to your clients.

Building Contractors

Secure the funding your clients need to pay for retrofit work

How We Can Help You

Retrofit is set to create an unparalleled opportunity to the building sector and with it a generational opportunity to grow your business. We’ve got the tools, skills and know how to enable you to find clients, and importantly, the funding that makes it all possible.

A modern, eco appartment block

There’s circa £5.2 billion of grant funding currently available throughout the UK for improving homes. If you are a building contractor, the move towards net zero carbon and more energy efficient homes and buildings is the biggest investment and opportunity of the modern age. You’ll need to be certified to undertake the majority of this work, i.e. be TrustMark Approved and PAS and/or MCS Certified. Working with us as your partner will :-


  • Take away the complexity and stress of funding

  • Provide easy funding into your company to make your customer work more cost effective or even free

  • Take you through the easy process of integrating funding into your quotes and contracts

  • Provide an easy to use portal to submit your documentation for funding

  • Maximise the funding available for you and your customers


Your business can:-

  • Win more work: you’ll be offering your customers vastly reduced or even 100% funded energy improvement work.  You could be offering anything from 50% to 75% to 100% off your quotations

  • Grow your business: the amount of funding and investment available means you can build a secure, profitable and sustainable stream of work

  • Build an amazing reputation: you’ll be part of the green revolution, making homes and buildings more energy efficient and building a responsible and credible business reputation

  • Significantly increase your income: we provide easy and efficient access to the £5.2 billion worth of funding


Lead generation

We provide funding into the owner occupier (private households) and private housing landlord sectors. These clients need PAS certified and TrustMark registered contractors to undertake the work to their homes. We need to connect certified and registered contractors with these clients. Get in touch with us here to enquire about joining our partner contractor network. If you’re not yet PAS accredited and want to enquire about training, contact our training partner, NetRet here.

We provide leads and we take in leads, optimise the funding and deliver the funding to contractor partners.

A building contractor having a meeting with a client to plan their retrofit project



Every client you work for from this point forward is a potential retrofit client. We can provide you with high end marketing materials to provide to every client you work with and for you to send out to your email list and promote on social media. Our professionally produced materials will explain in layman’s terms all about retrofit, the significant benefits for the client as well as for the environment and how there is funding available right now to make it happen and make their homes warmer and more cost effective to heat. In the materials, we’ll link to a co-branded website, which we’ll provide at no cost to you where the client will be able to read the full benefits of retrofitting their home with you and how working with you, and us, as the funding partner, is the easiest and safest way to a warmer home, more cost effective heating and doing their bit for the environment.

A marketing strategy



A crucial part of the retrofit jigsaw puzzle. Unless your clients are footing the bill for their retrofit work themselves, you’ll need funding expertise so you can leverage the retrofit opportunity. We have a whole of market approach to retrofit funding. Most funding support companies will specialise in one particular funding type which may not be the most appropriate or optimal solution for many properties. By having a whole of market approach, we’ll ensure the optimal funding solution is found and, in many cases, we’ll find multiple options meaning potentially more retrofit measures can be installed.

Calculating the amount of retrofit funding for a project


End to end support

Partner with us and we’ll make retrofit a big success for you and your business. Without our whole of market approach to funding, clients are likely leaving money on the table that could have delivered more retrofit measures into their homes. This is a specialist area which is complex and time consuming and not core to what you do as a building firm. Our end to end service just makes this happen so you can focus on running your business.

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Get To Know Us

Watch our short video from one of our founders, Nathan Gould, a housing professional with over 18 years senior leadership experience in the sector. Nathan is one of the leading experts in green measures for housing in Wales.

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We'll send you a personalised report with insights about effective planning for funded retrofit work and what best foot forward looks like for you and your business to be able to leverage this lucrative opportunity.

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